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The "Homeowner's Guide for the Disposal of Asbestos" is issued by the CMCMUA to assist the homeowner when they are removing and disposing asbestos from their personal residence.

Under current New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and New Jersey Department of Labor Regulations (NJDOL), there is nothing that prohibits the homeowner from removing, packaging and disposing of asbestos roofing, siding and insulation from his personal residence.  For further information on New Jersey asbestos regulations, you may refer to the following websites:

The asbestos packaging and disposal procedures issued by the NJDEP, NJDOL and the CMCMUA applies to everyone and the CMCMUA is obligated to enforce them at their solid waste facilities.


Before You Begin
If you are not sure that you have asbestos material, you may do the following:
Put a quarter size sample in a Ziploc baggy and mail to:  International Asbestos Testing Lab, 9000 Commerce Parkway, Suite B, Mount Laurel, NJ  08054 along with a $30.00* check and your return address.  You will receive the results within 3 - 5 days.  The Lab may be reached at the following telephone number:  856-231-9449.  (Send to the attention of Shirley Clark and specify that you were referred to them by CMCMUA).
* Please note that the cost is $30.00 per asbestos sample submitted.
  •      Contact your Construction Official for any local regulations you must comply with regarding asbestos renovations.

  •      Contact the County Health Department at 465-1208 for proper removal procedures for asbestos material.   

Step-by-Step Packaging Procedure
  • The Asbestos material must be sufficiently dampened to eliminate the emissions of Asbestos fibers into the air.  You may use a garden hose for this purpose.

  • While still damp place the asbestos material in double* (two) 6 mil. regulation asbestos bags.  These bags may be purchased for $1.00 per bag from either the CMCMUA Main Office located on Route 9 in Swainton, the CMCMUA Transfer Station located on Route 620 in Burleigh, Middle Township. or the CMCMUA Landfill located on Route 610 in Woodbine.

  • The bags must remain light enough to be easily hand unloaded by the customer from the transporting vehicle.  Each double bag holds approximately 50 lbs.  (Cardboard boxes (optional) may be placed inside the double bags for easier handling).

  • Use duct tape to seal the Asbestos bags.  First tape down the inside bag and then proceed to seal the outside bag by twisting the opening and taping it closed.

Prior to Asbestos Disposal
  • Complete the Origin and Disposal form (CMCMUA Solid Waste - Recycling Form) and the Asbestos Certificate of Acceptance (Attachment 1A) included with this Guide.  It will be necessary to present both forms to the Weighmaster on day of disposal.
Transporting the Asbestos to the Landfill
  • A Homeowner may transport the Asbestos material in a passenger vehicle or pick-up truck having a maximum gross vehicle weight of 9,000 lbs or 16,000 lbs. if the vehicle is pulling a trailer.
Disposal of the Asbestos
  • Asbestos is accepted on the following days at the Sanitary Landfill in Woodbine only per the following schedule.  No prior notice is required.

  • Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

  • Saturdays between 10:15 a.m. and 11:15 a.m.
    (Non-commercial disposal only)

  • The cost for the disposal of the asbestos is $114.00 per ton.  As a point of clarification, the customer is charged only for the tons, or that portion of a ton, which is disposed of at the CMCMUA Sanitary Landfill.  (Approximately .06¢ per pound).
  1. Origin and Disposal Form (Use link to printout copy of form.) 
  2. Asbestos Certificate of Acceptance (Use link to printout copy of form.)

Must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these forms and is available for free download from Adobe.

  • The Sanitary Landfill is located on Route #610 on the Woodbine/Upper Township border. Click here for a map to the landfill.
Further Information
  • If you require further information concerning asbestos disposal, please contact the NJDEP at 984-6620 or the CMCMUA at 465-9026.  

For further information call:
CMCMUA Solid Waste Dept. (609) 465-9026

or use the email link:  Email

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