Woodchips Topsoil and Mulch

As the implementing agency for solid waste management, the Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority has continually sought to recycle rather than landfill resources. Through innovative programs, the CMCMUA converts waste material to value added products. The Authority's enduring commitment to maximize recycling and its determination to produce high quality end products have resulted in superior landscaping materials.

At the Solid Waste Complex in Woodbine, New Jersey, the CMCMUA operates a  permitted Class B Recycling Facility for source separated non-traditional recyclable materials, including stumps, logs, brush, and wood pallets. The Authority also produces a leaf and grass compost material. Through efficient processing, the incoming waste materials are recycled into root mulch, decorative wood chip mulch, leaf compost, and we are now introducing our new superior topsoil mix; "TERRAGRO".

We understand that the key to success is customer satisfaction. We do all of our processing from start to finish thereby enabling us to provide our customers with consistently high quality products. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

For Ordering and Delivery Information, call the Landfill Facility at (609) 861-5701, Ext. 214, or if you have any questions regarding our high quality landscape products.

Product Descriptions and Prices: Retail Price (per cubic yard)
Colored Wood Chips
  • Available in Red, Brown, and Black
  • Will not cause termite infestation - termites prefer large masses of wood, and our woodchips are a less attractive food source because of its small particle size.
  • Will help your plants grow better - As the woodchips age, soil structure is improved and nutrients are added to the existing soils. Our woodchips will inhibit weed growth, retain moisture, and keep the surface cool.
  • Colors will not leach - Once dry, they are on the woodchips permanently. Our woodchips will typically maintain its color for more than a year, compared to other woodchips which fade after just a few weeks.
Large Woodchips $28.00

Small Woodchips $29.00
Root Mulch
  • Made from tree stumps, trunks, and limbs. Double shredded and screened, this is an excellent quality dark mulch.

Screened Leaf Compost
  • The ultimate recycling product. Clean and consistent quality, passing through a 3/8-inch screen. Meets NJDOT Topsoil Specifications.
  • A Topsoil Mix - 50% screened topsoil, 40% screened leaf compost, and 10% cape organic. Meets NJDOT specifications for topsoil.

How Much Shall I Buy?:

If you are going to buy landscape products, it will be necessary to calculate the area and the desired depth of coverage to determine how many cubic yards of mulch you should purchase.

Determine the square foot measurement of the area to be mulched. For instance, you may have a shrubbery border 4ft. wide and 25 ft. long. The area would then be 100 square feet.

(4 ft. x 25 ft. = 100 square feet)

If the mulch will be applied 3 in. deep, convert the 3 inches to a fraction of a foot. (.25 ft.) then multiply the fraction by the area to be covered.

(.25 ft. x 100 square ft. = 25 cubic ft.)

One cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet. In the example above, assuming the mulch is purchased from CMCMUA, you would purchase (1) one cubic yard. (Our products are sold in increments of (1) cubic yard)

For further information call:
CMCMUA Wood Products
(609) 861-5701, Ext. 7214