Antifreeze is recyclable!Image of Antifreeze

The CMCMUA will accept up to five (5) gallons per day of antifreeze or coolant per gallon from County residents. Click here to see if there is a fee. Proceed to the scale house, pay the fee if applicable, and the Scalehouse Operator will direct you to the drop off location. Please proceed slowly and carefully!

To recycle used antifreeze or coolant, collect it in a container with a tight-fitting lid.  Bring the container to the CMCMUA Transfer Station or Sanitary Landfill. Businesses and municipalities that generate waste antifreeze should call the CMCMUA, 609-465-9026, or search the internet for a list of companies that collect and recycle antifreeze.

Your municipality may have special programs available to you - contact your local Public Works Department for details

How is Antifreeze Recycled?
Waste antifreeze or coolant is recycled into refreshed antifreeze or coolant.
All waste antifreeze recycling methods involve two steps:

  1. Removing contaminants either by filtration, distillation, reverse osmosis, or ion exchange; and,
  2. Restoring critical antifreeze properties with additives.

Additives typically contain chemicals that raise and stabilize pH, inhibit rust and corrosion, reduce water scaling, and slow the breakdown of ethylene glycol.