Appliances Image The metals, motors, electronics, and plastics in appliances can be recycled.  Appliances can be brought to the Sanitary Landfill or the Transfer Station .  Stop at the Scalehouse and the Scale Operator will direct you to the proper drop off location.  Please proceed slowly and carefully.

Appliances are broken up into two categories at CMCMUA.

  1. White Goods - There is no charge for White Goods brought to a CMCMUA Facility.
  2. CFC/Freon Appliances - CMCMUA must pay a vendor to have the CFC/Freon properly removed and recycled.  Check with the retailer from which you purchased the new appliance as they may have a free removal policy. Click here for charges.

The New Jersey Office of Clean Energy may also have rebates and incentives available to you for purchasing new Energy Star rated appliances and disposing of old appliances.