Backyard Composting

It's Easy, Interesting and It Always Works

Compost critters, the bugs, fungi, bacteria and worms living in our yards make composting very easy. Just throw leaves, along with grass clippings, wilted flowers and other yard waste into a compost bin or pile, and the compost critters will eat away until there is finished compost. Yard waste composted in this way may take as long as two to three years to break down fully. If you wish to speed up the process and harvest a rich soil amendment sooner, you can "manage" the compost pile, putting millions of microorganisms to work for you.
It’s important to remember:

  1. You can choose how much work and money you want to invest in this project.
  2. You will be successful.  Compost happens!

Tips and Tricks For Backyard Composting

  • You will need a minimum space about 4' by 4'; pile leaves 4' high. Size and shape are important. The pile should be large enough to allow sufficient heat retention and small enough to allow oxygen circulation.
  • Adding "greens" (grass clippings, vegetable & fruit peelings), will speed the process; more frequent turning may be required.
  • Adding "browns" (autumn leaves, small twigs, chipped branches), will slow down the process.
  • Adding worms, will help keep the pile aerated and speed decomposition. Red wigglers or red-worms are recommended. You can order these through garden magazines or catalogs.
  • You may wish to construct an enclosure made of wood, wire, or fencing. You can purchase "composters" from nurseries or garden catalogs.

Call the CMCMUA (609)465-9026 for a more detailed brochure.

For further information call:

CMCMUA (609)465-9026 ext. 1270
Email: Linda S. Crumbock