Buy Recycled

Invest In Futures, Buy Recycled!

The Cape May County MUA is asking shoppers to look carefully at the products and packaging they purchase.  The Authority encourages you to "Invest in Futures...BUY RECYCLED!"  There are many recycled products already on store shelves; for example: detergent and shampoo packaged in recycled plastic containers, plastic bags that are made with recycled plastic, greeting cards, notebook paper, tissue products made from recycled magazines and office paper.

Each week families all over Cape May County set out recyclables for collection.  We call this "recycling," however; it's just the first step in the process.  Waste materials are thrown into a truck and hauled away to be recycled.  The cans, bottles and paper are not really recycled until they are made into a new product and someone buys them back to use them again.

Some recyclables (glass, jars, aluminum cans) appear on store shelves looking just like they did the first time we used loop recycling.  Other recyclables like plastic bottles are remanufactured into very different products and may have several "reincarnations" before final disposal.  This is called cascade recycling.  In either case, it's important that we buy products and packaging that have recycled content.

This link will take you to the Association of New Jersey Recyclers – ANJR and to the New Jersey Business Guide to Recycled Products.  Learn about “Closing the Loop and Making an Impact, and see the Questions and Answers on Buying Recycled Products.

This website is helpful to you in your efforts to Buy Recycled.  The website provides recycled product categories that will lead you to the websites of manufacturers and distributors of various recycled products.

For further information call:

CMCMUA (609)465-9026 ext. 1270
Email: Linda S. Crumbock