Wastewater Compost

CapeOrganic, a specialty fertilizer…

This product is registered annually with the Department of Agriculture as a specialty fertilizer and the composting process is permitted and regularly monitored by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.  The absence of industry in Cape May County results in a bio solids product where heavy metals and other contaminants are not a concern.  The USEPA has classified Cape May County’s bio solids as being of “Exceptional Quality”. Deters fungus growth.

This product is intended for uses such as lawns, shrubbery, flowers, golf courses, landscaping, sod crops, and agronomic crops.

CapeOrganic is an economical substitute for products such as peat moss, chemical fertilizer, and commercial mulches.  More than one hundred local contractors, landscapers and government agencies are regular customers for CapeOrganic .  The consensus among our customers is that CapeOrganic is one of the best soil supplements available anywhere.

Topdressing, especially in conjunction with de-thatching or aeration and reseeding, is an excellent way to rejuvenate older turf, and insure lush growth. CapeOrganic ’s high organic content helps retain moisture.

For athletic fields, parks, golf courses, or other large grass areas, the Authority has a Millcreek® Brand topdressing machine available for rent.  Pulled by a tractor, this 2-cubic yard capacity machine can quickly and efficiently apply CapeOrganic .

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