Disposal FAQ

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What You Need To Know Before You Go

There is a minimum charge per vehicle for disposing of residential waste.  Please see https://www.cmcmua.com/user-fees for current rates.

The Transfer Station is located on County Route #620, commonly known as Shunpike Road, in Burleigh, NJ.  The Sanitary Landfill, Intermediate Processing Facility, and Wood Products Division are located on County Route #610 on the Upper Township/Woodbine border. Use our Facility Locator for more information.

The NJDEP requires that all commercial haulers in the business of hauling solid waste for hire must obtain an A-901 Solid Waste Transporter License. Additionally, all commercial self generators of solid waste must be registered with the NJDEP as an A-901 "EXEMPT" Transporter. Further information may be obtained by calling the NJDEP at (609) 292-7081 or the CMCMUA at (609) 465-9026.

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Hazardous Wastes generated by larger, regulated generators, which can be both liquid and/or solid state which poses a threat to human health, living organisms, or the environment. Included in this category are waste materials which are toxic, corrosive, explosive, or flammable. The CMCMUA accepts household generated hazardous wastes per year, please refer to the Household Hazardous Waste Section for more information.

All open top vehicles MUST BE COVERED with a tarpaulin or other suitable covering. The covering must be secured over the load to prevent material from falling or blowing out during transit.

New Jersey sales tax is not charged for solid waste disposal; however, there are  other state-mandated taxes included in all disposal fees.

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