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What You Need To Know Before You Go

There is a minimum charge per vehicle for disposing of residential waste.  Please see https://www.cmcmua.com/user-fees for current rates.

The Transfer Station is located on County Route #620, commonly known as Shunpike Road, in Burleigh, NJ.  The Sanitary Landfill, Intermediate Processing Facility, and Wood Products Division are located on County Route #610 on the Upper Township/Woodbine border. Use our Facility Locator for more information.

The NJDEP requires that all commercial haulers in the business of hauling solid waste for hire must obtain an A-901 Solid Waste Transporter License. Additionally, all commercial self generators of solid waste must be registered with the NJDEP as an A-901 "EXEMPT" Transporter. Further information may be obtained by calling the NJDEP at (609) 292-7081 or the CMC Health Department at (609) 465-1187 or the CMCMUA at (609) 465-9026.

All open top vehicles MUST BE COVERED with a tarpaulin or other suitable covering. The covering must be secured over the load to prevent material from falling or blowing out during transit.

The Following categories of waste are prohibited from disposal at the Sanitary Landfill and Transfer Station:

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Cape May County Health Department, 465-1187.  An internet search for “gas cylinder disposal” reveals several private companies in the business of recycling gas cylinders.

A small sample can be mailed or dropped off (in a sealed container) to any number of testing laboratories.  An internet search for “asbestos testing lab” maps several in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Must be individually off-loaded by hand at either the Landfill or Transfer Station. Customers will be directed to the unloading area by the Scalehouse operator. 

The Sanitary Landfill can accept concrete for disposal as Type 13C.

Must be bagged in a 3 mil trash bag and sealed with duct tape.  Accepted as Type 13C.

Must be empty.  Acceptable as Type 10.

Requires a letter of classification from the County Health Department & NJDEP classifying the soil as ID 27.  The Sanitary Landfill will accept certified soil as Type 27E.

Gasoline is only accepted at Household Hazardous Waste Days.

The CMCMUA does not regularly accept home heating oil for disposal or recycling.  Small quantities may be brought to Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day.  For disposal/recycling of large quantities, a qualified, private company must be used.

The CMCMUA does not regularly accept kerosene for disposal or recycling.  Small quantities may be brought to Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day.  For disposal/recycling of large quantities, a qualified, private company must be used

Small amounts of household grease can go directly into your garbage.  Commercial or large volume disposal requires the use of a qualified private collection company.

 Containers with a capacity of 20 gallons or more must be empty and punctured on all sides or open on at least one end. For containers larger than 350 gallons, contact the Sanitary Landfill Supervisor at 861-5701.  Hot water heaters of 100 gallons or less do not require puncturing.

Empty cans as well as cans with dried paint can go into the normal municipal waste stream; include them in your bagged household trash.  If you must dispose of paint that isn’t yet dried, fill the cans with Kitty Litter or Oil Dry. CMCMUA Paint Information

Oil-based paint  is accepted on Household Hazardous Waste Day. If a can is 1/2 full or less, Kitty Litter or Oil Dry can be used to dry paint and then the can and dried paint can be placed in the household trash.

Empty pesticide containers are accepted on the first Friday of each month and "on appointment" as arranged with the Sanitary Landfill Supervisor by calling 861-5701.  Empty pesticide containers are accepted as Type 27.  For more information on the disposal of partially full pesticide containers,view Household Hazardous Waste.

For information, go to www.cmchealth.net ,  A-Z Health Topics and click on Home-Generated Sharps Disposal or Medication Disposal

Empty 1-2 pound propane cylinders can be disposed of with your household garbage.  Empty 20-30 pound tanks can be disposed of for a small charge.

A letter from the County Health Department is required to determine that this material is acceptable as Type 27E.

New Jersey sales tax is not charged for solid waste disposal; however, there are  other state-mandated taxes included in all disposal fees.

The CMCMUA does not accept used clothing for re-use or recycling.  There are several thrift stores that accept used clothing and there are additional used clothing drop-off locations located throughout the county.

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