Plastic Bag News

Published on Sep 04, 2018 at 01:16p.m.

Recently, the CMCMUA purchased plastic bag holders, the black bag hanging on the wall in the below picture. You may have seen the Recycling Coordinator handing them out at special events and outside supermarkets. Distribution of the plastic bag holders provides an opportunity to educate residents and visitors about plastic bag recycling; and, the holders provide a convenient and efficient method for people to return their plastic bags to supermarkets for recycling.

Keep an eye open for the Recycling Coordinator, Ms. Crumbock, at local events and outside supermarkets to receive your plastic bag holder. Alternatively, if you would like a holder or have a group that you would like Ms. Crumbock to speak to, please stop at the CMCMUA Administration Building at 1523 U.S. Route 9 North, Swainton, or call (609) 465-9026 and ask to speak with Ms. Crumbock.

In mid July of 2018, two plastic bag holders were placed in the kitchen areas of the CMCMUA Administration Building. Through August 31st, 3.5 pounds of plastic shopping and produce bags were collected and returned to supermarkets for recycling. One plastic bag weighs approximately 0.012 pounds; the CMCMUA Administrative Staff recycled 289 plastic bags in a month and a half. Imagine the amount of bags that can be kept out of our landfill, curbside recycling containers, and off our beaches and roads if everyone did this!

How many plastic bags can you recycle in a month?

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