Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste Household Hazardous Waste products that can catch fire, react, or explode under certain circumstances, or that are corrosive or toxic, as Household Hazardous Waste.  Products, such as paints, cleaners, oils, batteries, and pesticides can contain hazardous ingredients and require special care when you dispose of them.  Household Hazardous Waste is accepted twice per year (Spring and Fall) at special Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days sponsored by the CMCMUA.  Customers must bring their Household Hazardous Waste to the CMCMUA, disposal of small quantities is free of charge *.

Household Hazardous Waste Day

  • The Spring event is usually held on a Saturday in May at the CMCMUA Transfer Station .
  • The Fall event is typically held on a Saturday in September at the CMCMUA Sanitary Landfill .
  • Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • Check our home page and local newspapers for advertisements as the event day approaches.

CMCMUA Will Accept CMCMUA Will Not Accept
Thinners and Solvents Unidentified Wastes
Glues and Adhesives Explosives
Gasoline and Other Flammable Liquids Radioactive Materials
Photographic Chemicals Waste from Regulated Hazardous
Waste Generators (Quantities over 220 lbs.
or 28 gallons)
Pesticides and Herbicides
Pool Chemicals
Cleaning Products Aerosol cans of any kind -
Aerosol cans are not hazardous and
may be disposed of as regular trash after
the contents have been used
Mercury Containing Items
Automotive Products
Flourescent Light Bulbs

*Up to 25 gallons of liquid and/or 100 pounds of dry household hazardous waste will be accepted free per vehicle.  Quantities over 25 gallons/100 pounds will be charged $5.00 per gallon/$5.00 per pound.  Waste will be accepted only from Cape May County households, schools, government agencies and businesses which are " Conditionally Exempt Generators ".

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