Motor Oil and Filters

Recycle Used Oil Filters graphic To recycle used motor oil and filters, collect the oil in a reusable container with a tight-fitting lid and drain and collect the oil from the filter.  Please take precautions to prevent spills and protect yourself.

Oil and Filter Recycling Options:

  • Ask your local automotive service station about acceptance;
  • Call your local Public Works Department to ask about the curbside collection or a municipal drop off location;
  • Bring the oil and filter(s) to the Sanitary Landfill or the Transfer Station for a fee. When entering a CMCMUA facility always stop at the scale house and please drive slowly and carefully.


CMCMUA will accept up to five (5) gallons per day of used motor oil and up to five (5) used motor oil filters per day from county residents for a fee.

To find out more about the Used Motor Oil Recycling process visit