How to Recycle Paint Cape May County residents, businesses, and public and nonprofit agencies may bring leftover paint, Latex and Oil Based, to the CMCMUA Transfer Station for recycling.  Customers must stop at the scale house and pay a fee based on the amount of paint being recycled.

Deliveries must meet the following conditions:

  • Paint must be in its original container.
  • Containers must be closed.
  • Customers must know how many cans they are delivering.
  • Empty cans regardless of what type of paint or solvent they held should be placed in the regular trash.


  • User Fees
  • Smaller cans and aerosol paint cans are free.
  • Customers with more than thirty (30) cans of any size must call for an appointment.
AcceptableNot Acceptable* 
Latex PaintTurpentine
Oil Based Paint & StainBenzene
VarnishPaint Thinner
EnamelPaint Cleaners
Wood and Masonry SealerHousehold Hazardous Waste
Wood Preservative
Automotive Products
Boat Bottom Paint
Aerosol Paint Cans

*Items listed as not acceptable for the Paint Program should be left in their original containers and stored in a cool dry area until the next  Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day