Used Motor Oil Filter Recycling

Did you know that even after filters are drained they still retain used oil?  It is estimated that nationwide, over 100 million gallons of used oil is disposed of in old filters.  Many used oil filters along with their residual oil are landfilled each year.

How Can You Recycle Used Oil Filters

1. Drain used oil filters as well as possible. *
2. Bring to CMCMUA Transfer Station or Sanitary Landfill.
3. Deposit in barrel labeled “used oil filters.”

The CMCMUA has a contract with a company that collects filters.  At the company’s recycling facility, the filters are squeezed into “briquettes”.  Up to 97% of the residual oil is captured for recycling.  The briquettes are marketed as scrap metal.
*  We are allowed a very small amount of used oil in the bottom of the collection drum, but filters cannot be “extracted” from an “oily” drum.  Please drain your filters for at least 24 hours. Bring the recovered oil to the used oil igloo when you bring your filters for recycling. And bring your antifreeze, too!
Businesses that generate large quantities of Used Oil, Filters and/or Antifreeze should call the CMCMUA for a list of Recyclers.

For further information call:

CMCMUA (609)465-9026  ext. 1270