Septage And Construction Dewatering Disposal

Septage Disposal

The Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority (CMCMUA) has provided facilities at the Seven Mile Beach/Middle Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility to receive and treat septage generated and collected in Cape May County.

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Registered Haulers

A&C Septic ServicesAll Purpose Pumping ServiceAqua-Tex TransportArthur R. Henry, INC.
Caprioni Portable ToiletsCMCMUA Sanitary LandfillDimigilo SepticElliots Septic Serves
English Sewage DisposalGE MechanicalMiller Environmental GroupMitchell Nichols Enterprises
Nelbud Services GroupNorthstar MarinePSC Industrial Outsourcing L.PRussel Reid
Septic SolutionsSouth State, INCStarr General ContractingTamerlane Campground
Waste ManagementWaszen Brothers SatiationWheels All Pro Carpet 

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Construction Dewatering Disposal Procedure


The following documents and information must be submitted to the CMCMUA and authorization received from the CMCMUA prior to any discharge of treated wastewater generated from a project to be received by the CMCMUA Wastewater Treatment Facility.

  1. Written confirmation from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection that a Significant Indirect User (SIU) Permit is not required to discharge wastewater generated from the project into a publicly owned sewage treatment plant. Contact: Bureau of Surface Water and Pretreatment Permitting

  2. Written authorization from the Designated Agency responsible for the Collection System in the location of the project. The Designated Agency shall certify approval of the method to be used to monitor wastewater flow, and that the Collection System has sufficient capacity to handle the projected flow. The letter should also state that appropriate service fees have been established between the Designated Agency and the contractor responsible for the discharge. Service fees for the use of the Collection System and disposal of the wastewater will be calculated and billed by the Designated Agency directly to the contractor. 

  3. Written description of the scope of work to be performed to include the following: 

    1. The location and dates of the proposed discharge.

    2. The projected daily volumes of wastewater to be discharged.

    3. The peak flow rate of the discharge.

    4. A schematic of the proposed treatment process (if applicable).

    5. Laboratory test results. This shall include at a minimum, pH, Total solids, total volatile organics, and a profile of petroleum byproducts. The CMCMUA reserves the right to request further testing as well as regular periodic testing throughout the duration of the project. 

    6. If a treatment system is required to meet CMCMUA standards prior to discharge, the treatment system shall be certified by a NJ Professional Engineer.

Note: All discharges shall conform to the limits of those imposed by CFR40 Section 403.5 -GENERAL PRETREATMENT REGULATIONS FOR EXISTING AND NEW SOURCES OF POLLUTION - National Pretreatment Standards: Prohibited discharges.  The CMCMUA reserves the right to require an immediate cessation of any discharge that is believed to be harmful or injurious to the CMCMUA’s personnel, equipment, or to the treatment levels provided or does not conform with the National Pretreatment Standards. 

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