Woody Debris, Leaves and Grass

Image of Leaves and Branches Your municipality likely has special collection days for this material.  Please contact your local Public Works Department for details.

The CMCMUA accepts clean, separated loads of Leaves, Grass Clippings, Brush, Tree Branches, Tree Limbs, Stumps and Tree Trunks for a  fee at the Sanitary Landfill.  Wood Pallets and Christmas Trees (seasonal only) are accepted at the  Sanitary Landfill and the Transfer Station free of charge.

These materials are composted, chipped, blended, dyed and screened by the CMCMUA to create high-quality soils and mulches available for sale at the CMCMUA Landfill.

If you have space, time, and inclination, Backyard Composting may be a good option for recycling your leaves and grass clippings.

Three Ways to Handle your your yard trimmings