How do I dispose of...?

Hello, Welcome to the CMCMUA Waste Wizard Application by ReCollect which tells you what material goes where.

Your municipality is the best source of information regarding curbside trash collection and may have special collection days available for other waste items.

Facility Locations:

Sanitary Landfill
2050 Route 610
Woodbine, NJ 08270

Transfer Station
650 Shunpike Road
Burleigh, NJ 08210

Hours of Operation

Disposal Fees

Disposal Procedures: Know Before You Go

  1. Utilize Waste Wizard above to correctly dispose of item(s)

  2. Fill out a Waste Origin and Disposal Form prior to entering the disposal facility.       Homeowner Form  | Commercial Hauler Form

  3. Review Payment and Account options

  4. Take completed Waste Origin Form and items for disposal to a Facility Scale

Additional Disposal Information